Hereby a random selection of different starting models who have been photographed by me and who have followed one or more professional moddeling workshops with me for the purpose of mastering the not-so-easy profession of a model.


After 50 intensive years as a professional international world-wide model photographer, it is nice to be able to give real talents this super opportunity.


Now more or less as a pensionado I do this on a "non profit" basis, but expect a huge effort from those who really want this and are ambitious enough to want to achieve something special in this fantastic profession of model.


Please note that for most of them this is the first time they have stood in front of a professional camera and taken magazine-worthy photographs, but most of them quickly pick up the control clues from the first workshop given to them (lasting about one hour), making their poses look quite professional already.

Even posed pictures look often  unposed, and details count.